Ad Blocker Pop Ups and Ads

Nuisance Pop Ups and Ads – What to do?

Answer  these questions and win 1 million dollars! Click here to find out about the latest industry trends! Look for the most amazing fall collection at affordable prices! Click here to find the most affordable VPN services! Wanna know who’s viewing your post and how many times, click on this ad! Sounds familiar right? They are the familiar pop up ads.

In order to increase their reach, websites use the means of pop up ads. People read such ads, click on them, view the product and services and some of them buy those as well. Many companies are using this trend nowadays to increase their productivity. But if you think all these pop ups are used for a good purpose, then you can’t be any wrong here. Let’s see why? This article will tell why such pop up ads are considered a nuisance and how to deal with them.

Pop ups are annoying, Here’s why?

It is not new to anyone how pop up ads can be very irritating. I think when I say this I speak for everyone, “Pop up ads are one hell of a nuisance”. Although many of us don’t need a reason to call pop up ads annoying, but still let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

Nuisance Pop Ups and Ads
  1. Catering people with a short attention span : One of the reasons why pop ups can be so annoying is because they cater to people with less attention span. Now the question is by how much this span has shortened? A study by Microsoft Corporation, there has been a drop in human attention from 12 seconds (2002) to 8 seconds (2003), which indeed is a shorter time span. These pop ups take away all the distractions of the users and narrow their focus to only one choice.
  2. Ruining user experience : Who would like to visit any website or click on any pop up ad which ruins the user’s experience? Obviously, no! Pop ups are designed with the purpose of providing benefits to the users as well as its owner. There are pop up ads that don’t optimize their pop ups for mobile phones and other devices.
  3. Pop up ads are insulting : YES, pop ups can be very insulting, how?Let me give you an example for better understanding. Imagine someone saying you don’t care about your health just because you don’t take someone’s advice. Offensive, right? Because of this reason pop ups are a nuisance.  Pop ups nowadays come with the option of yes/no. You either accept it or reject it. But here the problem is that the option no tends to insult the user. Quoting the above example, who wouldn’t find it offensive if someone, even a pop up ad tells them that they don’t care about their health? Although it is sort of reverse psychology where people can click on yes to prove them wrong. But it can backfire anytime.
  4. Pop ups can be rude :  If you want a solution for your problem urgently you will search it online, right? But what if a welcome gate covers the whole page as soon as you enter the website. Okay, you get past it and now you are greeted with a Pop Up Ad, annoying, right? And it is very rude to slam a welcome gate and them a pop up ad on the face of a new visitor, that too when they eagerly look for a solution. This can easily show how pop ups can be really annoying and a source of nuisance.  

When it comes to online security, pop ups can also be used for damaging our systems by introducing Malware into them. Hackers are always looking for a way to get into our systems and malware is one of them. I mean it looks believable, people can click on it without giving a second thought, register on the bogus sites and BAM! They will get into your system just like that. 

So if we really see then we get to know pop ups are not just a nuisance but danger dressed as an ad. And we have to do something about it. If you talk about keeping our systems safe from pop ups and maintaining social security the you can do this:

  • Try to avoid sites you find questionable.
  • Increasing your browser security settings.
  • Regular updating your operating system.
  • Don’t click on pop ups or even nearby them. Close them from the system tray area with a right click.

If you want to close pop ups in general then

Click on Chrome > settings > privacy settings > site settings > pop ups and redirects > toggle switch (block or allow pop-ups).