Do We Need to Use A VPN?

Public Wi-Fi usage sounds interesting, is it really? Just so you guys know more than half of the systems are infected because of public Wi-Fi usage. Using public Wi-Fi is a risky business and you should just stay out of it. How can you protect your system from getting infected while using public Wi-Fi? If malware is the problem then VPN is the solution.

What is a VPN? Why do we need to use it? And some myths concerning VPNs. Everything will be answered in this article. So let’s begin with our first question, “What is a VPN”?

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network provides you online security as well as anonymity while using public Wi-Fi. It creates a secure private network from Public Internet connection. You can use VPN when accessing into region restricted websites, protecting your browsing activities from attackers and more.

VPNs were originally created for securely connecting business connections together over the internet or accessing a business network from home. But now it is popular for other reasons too.


Why do you need a VPN?

If you don’t know why you need a VPN then here are some reasons:

  • You can use VPN for playing online games. It may not sound good at first but it has its own benefits. It offers anonymity so that you can keep your personal information like credit card, safe. It can also be used for geo-blocking restrictions. VPN can also offer faster connecting speed, can connect you to a faster gaming server etc.
  • It provides digital communication at a lower cost than the traditional ones. VoIP or Voice over internet protocol. Calls sent through VPN are encrypted and needs to decrypt in order to gain access to them. This makes it harder for the snoops.
  • If you are a remote worker then VPN can be really useful for you because you can get access to company services from your home for security reasons. It gives you access to internal company networks and resources even from home.
  • Privacy is something everyone needs and you should have it even when you are at home. When surfing the internet you can use VPN so that your Internet service provider cannot pry on you.
  • Using public Wi-Fi can be risky because you and the hacker must be using it at the same time. Here VPN will come to your rescue by adding an extra layer of security to your system so that no one can snoop on your data.
  • Secure messaging is the need of hour. From sending SMS to connecting with people on cross platform messaging services, we have evolved a lot. But are these platforms secure? Do they provide secure messaging? Many social media platforms can provide security but still aren’t secure enough. There are chances that your messages can be intercepted and read. So to deal with this problem you can put your message services through a VPN. It will provide extra security with data encryption and keep your conversations private.

Myths about VPN

People may have doubts regarding the use of VPN and here are some points to clear them.

  1. You don’t need a VPN if you aren’t doing anything illegal:

Many people think that VPN is only used for performing illegal activities, visiting illegal sites and more. But that’s not really the case. It performs more functions than that. You don’t have to use VPN only for doing something shady. VPN can be used for maintaining anonymity when we use public Wi-Fi, for accessing banking apps anywhere you can, and for accessing TV shows while you are travelling.

  • Using VPN assures 100% anonymity:

While some may think you become 100% anonymous while using VPN but you may be wrong. VPN can make you anonymous to a great length but not fully. It will protect you from malware, cyberattacks, identity theft and much more but 100% anonymity is not guaranteed. Also, you can use Web Shield that helps to protect you from malware and phishing attempts while you surf, without impacting your browsing performance or experience.

  • VPN slows down your internet connection:

Slowing down of internet connection speed while using VPN may be a possibility but not necessarily. The slow internet speed can be caused when data traffic goes through a VPN server as it gets encrypted and then decrypted. Servers located on the other side of the world are the ones that mostly cause slow internet connection speed.

  • Free VPN is better than Paid VPN:

You can get a VPN for free but is it better than the Paid one? VPN is a product that requires financial resources so that it functions in the most secure way possible. So how do you think the free VPN is getting financed? The VPN providers sell your data in order to make money and finance free VPN. Isn’t VPN supposed to secure your data? It is better if you go for a Paid but affordable VPN and get a secured connection.