Antivirus software

Common mistakes while looking for antivirus

Computer security has been one of the biggest concerns these days, thanks to the growing technology. Hackers have learned news ways of entering into our systems and steal our credentials. It is advised to use system security & cleaner software to keep your PC and other devices free from virus and other types of malware. Many of us have installed it on our PC but still the results aren’t top notch.

You must be thinking if that’s the case then purchasing any antivirus isn’t just worth. If that’s what you think then you should know sometimes it’s not due to the ill-working of antivirus but due to some mistakes on our part. “So what did we do or where did we go wrong?” must be your questions. And to get your answers you can go through this article. It will help you to not repeat the same mistakes again and also you can purchase the antivirus that suits your system in the best way.


To put it into simple words, antivirus is a class of programs that are designed for preventing, detecting, and removing malware from your device (PC, laptops, and other devices) servers and networks. Not just viruses but antivirus has the ability to protect your system from different types of malware like Virus , trojan horse, worms , keyloggers, spyware, rookit and more.

Here are some functions of antivirus:

  • As the name suggests, antivirus is used for detecting and protecting your device or system from the virus by removing it. It scans the files of your computer and compares the data of files to a database of known virus signatures. To detect all the virus antivirus this database is updated regularly.
  • The virus isn’t the only thing to be removed from the system. Sometimes other malware infections can also attack your system. Fortunately, most of the antivirus comes with the feature of detecting and removing malware too. 
  • It is very helpful if your antivirus alerts you when hackers are trying to get into your system. It basically asks your permission before allowing anything to access your system which lets you know if something is suspicious.
  • If the virus or malware infection isn’t detected on time it can cause harm to your files and data. At that time having a backup is a good option. Some of the antiviruses comes with the feature of backup. You can restore the data if the files ever get corrupted or damaged.

Where did you go wrong?

Knowing that antivirus is the need of the hour we all are buying it and still not getting good results. Here are some common mistakes almost each one of us has made:

  • Detection rate: One of the most important functions of any antivirus is to protect your system from known as well as unknown threats. Many of us purchase antivirus without considering the percentage of protection provided by your antivirus. There are vendors that will offer you at least 95% protection so why are you going for anything less than that? Pick up software that provides maximum protection rate.
  • Price: There are many free antiviruses that claim you to provide the best options even better than the paid ones. But it’s not always the case, how can it be? There must be some difference between the free and paid antivirus. Always remember that this software needs funds for its maintenance which will be paid by your data. That’s why it is better to purchase the antivirus instead of the cost of your personal data. When purchasing any antivirus make sure it is offering you the best features at a good price. Not every expensive antivirus will give you everything so compare it properly.
  • Review: If you don’t have any idea about the software then checking reviews is a good option. Most people just buy the antivirus just for the sake of it. Reviews are really helpful in determining the actual worth of the software. It helps you make a good judgment if you are purchasing the antivirus for the very first time. Check reviews of different antivirus software, compare them, and purchase the one which you find the best.
  • Support system: One of the most important qualities of any antivirus is checking the quality of their support system. People often skip this part. Some of the support systems contain little more than chatbots, customer-to-customer support, auto email responders which are not useful when the user will face any sort of crisis.
  • Impact on the system: There are many antivirus software that comes with “extra” features and slows down your system. It is so because in order to increase your system’s security they hog on the resources of your computer. Any good antivirus should not do that but people just purchase it unconsciously with the intention of boosting their computer security. A good antivirus should be efficient, sleek, and less impactful on the regular use of your computer system.