Ad Blocker

Improve your online security with Ad Blocker.

Doing some important work and accidentally clicking on a random ad. It directs you to  a page which takes forever to load. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a new thing nowadays.  You must have heard about Ad blockers from your friends or colleagues. I think it’s time for you to get one.  You don’t know if it’s a good idea? Well, let’s talk about it then. 

Many of you may see these ads as non-threatening and some of them actually are but what about the remaining ones? Can you surely call them normal and harmless?  Well, you should know how your online security is being threatened and how ad blockers will keep you safe from that. If you want to know how to improve your online security with Ad Blocker then have a look at this article.

Online security and threats

Maintaining an online security has been on of the greatest concerns in the present era. There are many forms of threats like  Virus, Phishing, Spyware and more.  Coming back to Spyware we can see how how hackers get into your system and steal all your files. Ads, huh? How do they even matter? Let’s have a look at that.

Ad Blocker

There are numerous ads that you’ve seen while doing some really important work and it pesters you a lot, right? Advertisements come from centralized servers of ad networks and are embedded in a website. Whenever you enter a website, you also enter a number of additional servers responsible for delivering those irritating and distracting videos and images. It’s very easy for these websites to track the user.

How these ads work is really simple. Many of us know about cookies and pixel tags. Even if you don’t know about them, then it’s okay. Their work is pretty simple. You visit many websites and search about many things. Cookies and pixel tags save your surfing information. Remember after searching for a specific dress or makeup product you started getting all these ads related to it. They are used for creating a very specific profile for user which includes their interests, gender, age demographic, etc.

Because of that you are being targeted with advertisements based on your previous researches. If you think about it, you’ll remember why you are seeing ads related to a type of skin disease and its cure just a while after searching about it. This kind of advertising is also known as behavioral targeting or behavioral advertising. There are several reasons for getting an ad blocker which in turn improves your online security and some of them are mentioned below.

If you don’t know what an Ad Blocker is then have a look here. Basically an Ad blocker is a software or extension browser used for filtering all the HTML elements which contain advertisements. It’s easy for the ad blockers to detect and remove the ads because of their standard image sizes (as the ads come are from known third party servers).

  1. Protection against malware : It is a known fact that your system can get a malware attack from ads. It is important to secure your system online, that’s why ad blockers are needed. Malvertising is a common way of infecting your system where ad networks are hacked for manipulating the advertisements. Since ads are served via many websites it is easier for hackers to spread and infect many systems in a small time period.
  2. Privacy concerns : Many of you are using ad blockers just for the sake of privacy concerns, and you should! It is one of the most important concerns of people. The chances of your private information getting mixed with the general ones and falling into wrong the hands. You can prevent that from happening by using an ad blocker.
  3. Protection from tracking : Work of online ad servers is not just to deliver ads, but also keeping a track of your web search. They keep an eye on and gather your personal information. This data can be sold to third parties and used for illegal means. For that you can use ad blockers.