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Why Free Antivirus is a No-No?

Hackers are always keeping an eye on your system and devices. You are probably one click away from being victimized. Protecting your system from these intruders is a must thing and you can do it by installing an antivirus program in you system. Now the important question is, “does the free and paid antivirus programs work in the same way”? It may disappoint you but the answer is no, paid antivirus programs will always have an advantage over the free ones.

If you have installed a free antivirus program then you should know about the dangers you have invited with it. Yes, free antivirus is not as effective as you think. There are many cons of using that. What are those, is the main concern of this article. So let’s begin with that already.

Antivirus and its need :

Software designed with the purpose of detecting and destroying online threats like virus, spyware, ransom ware and other malware is known as an antivirus. There is a need of antivirus because of the following reasons:

  1. As the name indicates the purpose of antivirus is to detect and remove virus from your system. It tries to remove the virus even before it starts harming your system.
  2. Many of us use USBs for transferring data to and from our systems. There are chances that these devices are infected and can ham your system. You may have seen your computer crash after connecting it to a USB. To avoid that you can use antivirus and protect your system from being infected.
  3. All the files (old and new) saved in your system are scanned to make sure they don’t carry any malware. Your data is safe and protected, so is your system.
  4. Pop up advertisements can be one hell of a thing! Spams and ads can fill your main screen and is an alert for adware. Thanks to the antivirus program your system will be protected against it. The minute Adware attacks your system, antivirus starts to scan it and remove it before any big harm is caused.
  5. Hackers and thieves always infect your system with the intention of stealing your important information. But this doesn’t mean you can’t protect it. Use antivirus and get protection from almost every malware and infection.
Free Antivirus

Why not to use free antivirus?

Paid antivirus should always be preferred over free ones because of the following reasons:

  • No customer support : One of the biggest disadvantages of using free antivirus is having no customer support. What if you need any expert advice for using antivirus on your system and that too when it comes with way too geeky features. There is no support system for almost every free antivirus. Some may come with email support but no guarantee of resolving you’re every query.
  • Limited protection : What is the use of any antivirus that provides you limited protection? Aren’t they supposed to protect our system with 99% accuracy? Well in case of free antivirus you can only get limited protection. Since you aren’t paying for it, how can you even complain about the features? Many companies offer you the free version of antivirus as a trial one and the advanced features are available only in their premium version. That’s why your system is prone to threats and infections.
  • Lacks frequent updates : Viruses and other types of malware have a wide range and are always increasing. You can find a lot of new malware almost every day. Protecting your system is still a necessity. One of the functions of a good antivirus is to frequently update your system which provides protection from new types of malware. But in case of free antivirus, there aren’t any regular updates that makes your system exposed to threats.
  • Less scanning options : In case of paid antivirus software you can have many scanning options like quick scan, full scan, custom scan, root kit and more. But the sad part is you can’t find many of these features in the free version. Antivirus scans all your files, mails and attachments that come with them for detecting any sort of infection and removes it. But again all these features may or may not be present in the free antivirus.
  • Infected antivirus : It can be a possibility that the free version of the antivirus you are using is already malware infected. Not the ones from any reputed company! But what about the new companies offering free antivirus on their website? Many of such antivirus are given by hackers and thieves. Te minute you install them they infect your system even more. Hackers can then have access to your systems and steal all the important information. So beware before installing any free antivirus. It may harm your system rather than protecting it.