Macro languages

How much do you know about Macro Languages?

Isn’t it common to receive mails and word documents attached with them? Now what if you open those attachments and in turn your computer gets infected! What happened right now? Majority of us have been using Microsoft Office and Word from a really long time. But how many of you know that these software feature powerful macro languages? Okay so, what are macro languages? What are the risks of macro languages and how do they spread? That’s just tip of the iceberg, you’ll get to know more about the virus in this article.

Macro Languages :

Macro languages are the small programs that run with bigger programs with the intention of automating tasks on the behalf of user. Such tasks are usually complex and very time consuming, need accuracy and consistency which can be really annoying if performed manually.

Macro languages or Macros are written in programming language and that’s why they can be compromised by hackers like any other program. The first macros named Concept appeared in July 1995 for the first time ad became the dominant type of virus.

Spread of Virus :

How does it spread? It is important for us to know so that we can take precautions accordingly. It is very common for such viruses to be embedded in word documents or even inserted as a malicious code into word processing programs. This virus may also come from documents attached in the mails, codes can also be downloaded after clicking on phishing links etc. Such viruses are not easily detected as they do not operate until an infected macro is run. This virus is somewhat like Trojan horse as it may appear less harmful and users won’t notice it before any big harm. But it can replicate itself and infect other systems, unlike Trojans.

Macro Languages

Symptoms :

As it is already mentioned ho this virus can spread to others’ systems and devices. Because it is a new type of virus there are chances that your antivirus may or may not detect it. But it doesn’t mean you will let it infect your system and spread on a large rate. So here are symptoms that can help you to detect infection in your devices mentioned here:

  • Strange error messages starts featuring on your computer screen.
  • Documents on your computer system are saved as “template” files.
  • Speed of your computer is slower than usual.
  • When password is asked for any unprotected file.

Types of Macro virus :

  1. Concept Virus : As mentioned above already, the Concept virus is the first macro virus that appeared in July 1995 and targeted Microsoft Word. And because of this reason, concept viruses became the predominant kind of virus.
  2. Melissa Virus : Spread of Melissa began on March 26, 1999 and reached a large number of victims in just few hours. It was the first virus to write history with an email worm. This virus is responsible for one of the most severe pandemics in the history of the internet.
Preventing your system from macro virus :

Preventing your system from macro virus is one important task. You should protect your system so that all your credentials are safe. Also you will definitely not like to be the vector of such hideous virus. To make it easy for you all here are some tips that will help you to protect your system macro virus:

  1. Your security system is the strength of your PC and any other device in which it is installed. If your security system lacks then it will be prone to many threats and viruses. It is a known fact that antivirus programs need to know about the type of Malware in order to detect and remove it. That’s why you should update your antivirus on regular basis for maximum security.
  2. Not just the security system but even your computer needs to be updated for ensuring optimal protection. If you have Windows 8 and you are being notified to update it to Windows 10 then just go for it. It will be in your benefit only and keeps your system safe and sound.
  3. It is highly recommended to install a paid antivirus program from any reputed website. Bogus websites will always offer you free versions of antivirus that can easily infect your system and breach your privacy. Not just this but there are many scanning and security features that you can’t enjoy by being a free antivirus user. For maximum protection of your security go for the best antivirus system. There are many reputed sites offering you the best they can. Therefore it is advised to not fall for any free antivirus trick.
  4. You can also use digital signatures. They can identify download sources that makes sure whatever you are downloading and running isn’t risky.