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Need For Parential Security

“The prime duty of every parent is to protect their children from any sort of problem and wrongs” is the unspoken rule followed by almost every parent on this entire planet. Just because we have more knowledge in the filed of tech doesn’t make us smarter than our parents! You may think what can go wrong on the internet but what you don’t know is not everything is 100% safe. Nowadays crimes against children are rising and cyber crimes are one of the contributing factors. Being tech savy doesn’t make you invisible in the eyes of the cyber attacker.

There are many young children using internet for many purposes, be it studying or online gaming, internet is used everywhere. Hackers know how vulnerable kids are and can target them. How can you save your kid(s) from the evils of internet and cyberattackers? Parental security comes into the picture here and is surely a good option for parents who want to protect their kid(s) from the potential cyberattacks and lifestyle issues. If you think why you should have parental control then there are many reasons for that mentioned in this article.


Reasons for having parental control :

  • To prevent cyber bullying : Unfortunately bullying was and is still prevalent in our world even if the bully is using different means to target and bully their victims. The impact of bullying has a long lasting effect on the victims and it should be stopped. Trolling people is very common and considered sarcastic these days. While joking about some not so serious matter may sound okay but people often comment on the lifestyle, physical features and other not so funny aspects, which should be totally called out. Thanks to the internet such trollers and bullies can stay anonymous and make people feel bad about themselves. Comments on pictures/videos, chat messages or status updates can bully your child. Having parental control in this situation is in fact helpful. You can talk to your kids and get them out of this trauma and even teach them how to react in such situations.
  • Safety while browsing the net : You know it isn’t uncommon when parents tell their children something and they still do it. I mean they are kids for a reason. Anyways when parents teach them about the essentials of internet security they can still be unsure about how much they have actually understood. If they didn’t get your point, they are still vulnerable and a potential target for cyber attackers. Here you can use a parental control software for keeping an eye on the websites visited by your kid(s). you can then have the right type of conversation with them or you can even block the sites which seem like a threat for your kid.
  • Controlling even when you’re away from your children : It may sound interfering to some but it isn’t. knowing what your child is doing on the internet is not for the parents but for their kid(s). Their child can become a bully or the target of a bully which is equally wrong in either case. There are many times when you are out of town or your kid is at his/her friend’s/cousins’ home for a sleepover. You can’t be physically present everywhere. But you can still keep an eye on their internet usage and activities by having a parental control software. Stopping your kids from committing anything wrong and having the right kind of talk about is very much needed nowadays.
  • Multiple browsers : By blocking one browser you think your child is now safe? Well you might actually know this but ignored the fact that there is more than one browser. You can block sites from one browser but not the curiosity of your kid. If they want they can use other browsers, visit sites they aren’t supposed to, downloading malware and infecting their system. In many cases they become the vector and spread the malware to the systems of their contacts too. Right kind of talk is again important but with that taking strict actions is a must. By having parental control you can keep in check which ever browser your kid is using and the sites he/she is visiting.
  • Online gaming : Online gaming has slowly taken place of actual games in our lives. Gone are the days when kids used to go out, run and ride bicycles. Now the platform of online gaming has become quite an addiction for the youth. Playing games for a while and once/twice may seem normal but nowadays it has started taking toll on the health and social life of kids. Not just this but on such platforms hackers can easily befriend kids, ask about their personal details and phish them. You ca protect your kid from that by having parental control. You can monitor their gaming activities and tell them about the wrongs of overusing the platform.